Video Gallery

User Level Gallery – First Look

Level Editor – First Look

Latest Cubemen Trailer #2

Teams Visual Balance Indicator (Version 1.1)

New Mayhem Teams in Fast Forward (Version 1.1)

New Mayhem 6 Way Battle in Fast Forward (Version 1.1)

New Sniper Unit (SID) and New End Of Game Screens (Version 1.1)

Awesome Cubemen Review – Novede


Cubemen 1.0 Walkthrough Video


First Cubemen Teaser Video


Cubemen Coverage – Explain That Game (Thanks!)

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  1. Hi, what do the coloured boxed mean/do when collected?

    • They are bonus pickups… Damage, Health and Freeze. You have 3 slots that can hold any combination of 2 pickups at any time. Click or tap on them to use them. Not every level has them.