Welcome to the Cubemen support page. Please check our notes below for answers to any questions you may have. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please fill in our support form below, including all of the fields and we will get back to you very quickly.

Cubemen OSX

The game starts, but I cat see anything in the menu.

This is most likely due to your Mac having an older un-supported video card. Cubemen doesn’t support the old Intel GMA series cards found in early MacBooks and Mac Minis. Please check your hardware to ensure you don’t have a GMA video card.

Cubemen iOS

Cubemen sometimes crashes.

We strive to find and remove all crash bugs out of Cubemen, but things always slip through the testing process. If you experience a crash anywhere in Cubemen, please use this page and send us as many details as possible to help us find the bug quickly and fix it for the next update.


Sometimes I can’t even start Cubemen.

We have seen reports of this issue but are unable to re-produce it. If Cubemen (or any game on iOS for that matter) ever crashes on launch, it’s always recommended to restart the device before trying again.


I own Cubemen on more than one platform, but when updates come out and versions are out of sync, I cant play network games. Why is that?

All network games in Cubemen are locked to the version number of the game. This is to ensure that not 2 games with different versions ever connect and break the game due to network changes in later versions. We keep all versions in sync, and though all updates are sent out at the same time, every platform’s review process is different and some take longer to review that others.


All of our contact forms are now working again! Sorry for the lack of support due to lost emails.

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3 comments on “Support

  1. RobZocker on said:

     Wie kann ich ein Multiplayer-Raum erstellen?

  2. tee_7 on said:

    Well I was playing single player, the valley map, on endless. And I had a score of more than a million. And I exited the game, checked the ranking, and I wasn’t ranked. Is there any way I could get into the leaderboard? Here’s a picture of my score