Game Specs

Here is an evolving list of specifications for  Cubemen, and we are adding new content and features regularly as free updates!

Defense Mode

Defense is a single player, typical Tower Defense gameplay mode where you need to protect your base from incoming enemies. You start with 10 lives and when all of your lives are lost, it’s game over.

You get packages that drop onto the level during gameplay that give you special abilities. You need to collect these packages to be able to us them and you only have 3 package slots available at any time, so if the slots are full you loose the next package, so you are encouraged to use them often to keep at least one slot free.

Package abilities currently include Healing all your troops, freezing all enemies (slows them down a % inc fire rate) and Death (removing % of health from each enemy on the board).

There are also currently 6 game modes for each Defense Level:

  • Classic (Normal gameplay – 20 waves)
  • Limited Players (you can’t have more than 6 men on the level at once)
  • Limited Cubes (You start with 300 Cubes and don’t earn any more)
  • Just Rockets (You can only purchase Ricky Rocket men and the enemy only spawns Crossbow men)
  • Endless (Classic mode with endless waves)
  • Sudden Death (Classic mode butt you only start with one life)

Skirmish Mode

Skirmish is a multi-player one-on-one experience, either against the computer or another online player anywhere in the world. Skirmish games take place in specific levels that are setup for ideal one-on-one action.

In Skirmish mode, both teams have auto-spawned Cubemen that leave your base and try to make their way to your opponents base. Both teams also have player controlled Cubemen you buy just like in Defense mode, that you can place on limited shared locations around the board.

Use your player controlled Cubemen to fight your opponents player controlled Cubemen or to fight the incoming auto-spawning Cubemen that are going after your base…. oh no, what to do! It’s a hard choice! We have made Cubemen Skirmish a fast paced, out of control experience, NOT recommended for those with heart conditions!

Mayhem Mode

Mayhem is a TWO to SIX player online multi-player experience, either against AI bots, other humans or a mix of both. Play individual games or play in Teams (Co Op) . Mayhem games take place in specific levels that are setup for SIX way action.

Be warned, we called the mode Mayhem for a reason. Games are fast & crazy.. it’s pure Mayhem!

New Level Editor

Cubemen (as of version 1.2) nor comes with an integrated Level Editor that allows you to make levels for any game mode and play them and share the with the rest of the Cubemen community. The community has built over 200 public levels and 300 private levels in the first 4 days of the Level Editor going live.

That’s more levels than you can poke a cube at!

Achievements and Medals

Each Defense level you play, segregated by the possible game play modes, gets awarded Medals based on how well you did during the game. Medals range from Bronze, all the way up to Platinum.

We have also included an extensive list of Achievements to earn during gameplay and we notify you in game when one has been earned and then a full summary at the end of the game that also shows you what Achievements and Medal you have earned that session.

Cubemen Customisation

You can select from a range of custom colours and skins to make your Cubemen as unique as you are! We will be adding more skins in future updates.

13 comments on “Game Specs

  1. Macgyver Olsen on said:

    Awesome! this is TehWut from the forums!
    can’t wait to see the finished product. Do you have any pricing ideas?
    and are you considering an in-game level editor?

    • Anonymous on said:

      Hey TehWut. I’m not 100% sure on price yet as I am putting it in front of Steam, and they like to have input in pricing, but I am thinking around $4-$5 on Desktop. Not sure about $ for the iPad version as I might reduce price and offer in game purchases. Working out these details is always a stress 🙁

      I have a level editor that I make the levels with, and it’s a run time in game editor, but I am unsure if I am going to ship it as part of the game. My experience with previous games I have made that included a level editor showed me that most people product crappy levels that they want to share and it really brings down the quality of the game for the end user.

      The alternative is to allow anyone to make levels, but if they want to share them, then I have to moderate them first, which takes time for me, and will annoy those that I don’t make their levels public.

      It also means I have to spend a lot of time both polishing the editor as well as make it 100% fool proof and bug free. That’s a lot of time I could be spending making better content and adding new features for later versions of the game.

      Cheers 🙂

      • eiszfuchs on said:

        Yes, people will create crappy levels; but why do you have to host or moderate them?
        Just let them save the levels, and if they wanted to share, they had to upload them by themself. So every player can decide whether to load them or to leave them. So there would just be the basic polishing around the editor, but everything else is left to the community. I personally don’t like service-driven games, anyway.

  2. Siberius56 on said:

    a multiplayer mod with 2vs2 will be the best !

  3. Readyman on said:

    Hi Seon!  Great game!  My buddy and I (I live in Hawaii and he lives in California) both bought your game this afternoon and were up and playing within 20 minutes.  We watched for each other’s name in the listed games, and were able to connect with no problems.  I do have a question though:  Is it possible to speed up the multiplayer game?  We both pressed + over and over again, but the speed was VERY slow.  Also, if we press W in multiplay, will this advance the next level/wave of cubemen?

    • Hey ReadyMan! Thanks to you and your buddy for buying Cubemen! No, I have disabled pause, speed and next wave as it’s unfair when you are playing random people. That said, I might look at ways of introducing them via (2 to ok the decision) scenarios, where you both have to turn on speed or pause for it to work. I’ll ad it to my VERY long list of things to get to 🙂
      BTW.. I love Hawaii! Been a few times, would love to live there with my family…. if only I could get a green card! 🙂

      • Readyman on said:

        Thanks for the quick reply Seon!  Yes, we were hoping for quicker multiplayer (or at least having the game pick up speed as it gets longer into the game.  Perhaps picking a speed (1, 2, or 3 like it is in single player now) before the match begins, where the host chooses the speed with the level…?  Great game!  We’ll be playing this a lot I’m sure!  We have quite a few TD friends as well, so we’ll spread the word.  multiplayer TD games are very rare.  You’ve done exceptionally well with your game!  It’s fun! (which is the best compliment I can give you  🙂  )
        Yes, Hawaii is great! (as long as you dont mind it getting cold when it dips down to 74 degrees!  lol!  )

        • Readyman on said:

          oops, forgot to ask:  how does the scoring work?  Does unspent resources give you more points at the end of the game?  How about speeding up the game, or advancing the levels faster?

  4. Gagarin on said:

    First of all – best game I played in a while. I’m surprised that you created so simple and addictive game:)
    However, here are things that I don’t like:
    – Music – So far the only thing I got is the same song played all the time. Would you change that? Pay Virgill or some good musicians cause you game is loosing a lot because of that.
    – Intro screen – For some reason game wakes up all my hdds when they are in sleep mode and boots few seconds slower. Also would you make animation of title cubmen instead of picture? Different music would be great.
    – More options, more weapons! You mention that in updates (sniper). I do not like idea of textures on cubemen, however it would be nice to change color of environments and building cubes.
    – Explanation for color cubes and medic guy. Very confusing.
    – Some sort of save state, screen save or something to preserve your gameplay 🙂

    That’s all I can think of so far. Thank you for ruining my weekend with your game 🙂 

  5. Black_Hawk10 on said:

    I got up to round 500 on map Cube, mode defence, type endless waves, and I’m still going (I’m on iPad)

  6. Black_Hawk10 on said:

    It would be cool if u could play this game against/with friends from game centre, like teaming up against randoms or just 1v1

  7. linkkwtf on said:

    Kinda searching for a turnement or clan!