Cool write-up on the Unity website…

I wasn’t aware that I had a writeup on the new Unity website. It’s about Cubemen and some stuff about myself and my experience with Unity and the games industry in general.

Thanks Unity Technologies 🙂

If you are interested, you can check out the article here.

Our contact forms are broken, Sorry!

Our host, Dreamhost, did an awesome thing recently…. they improved their Anti-Spam efforts which all of their clients are very thankful for… Unfortunately, a side-effect of this change is that WordPress contact forms no longer send emails. They look like they have sent them… WordPress think’s it’s gone, but Dreamhost block it at their mail server end and bounce the email.

We are sorry to all of our Cubemen players that have been contacting us, thinking their emails have been ignored. We never got them, nor did we ever know you sent them.

We have ALWAYS offered very fast and personalised support, and this email issue has prevented us from doing this recently. We are truly sorry.

We are trying to find a solution, but have wasted over 2 days so far, and have not found something that works.

In the meantime, we have removed the contact forms from our support and contact page and added an email address instead for you to contact us on.

Again, we are very sorry for what seems like a total lack of support from us.

Crash on Launch – Fixed

We experienced some database data corruption on our servers overnight, causing Cubemen to crashes on launch on all platforms.

We are not 100% if this was a deliberate SQL attack or just plain bad luck, but we managed to plug the problem and get everything back up and running very quickly once we were aware of the problem.

We have been absolutely blown away by the number of new user levels being created each and every day and are making best efforts to ensure our server side systems that Cubemen relies on, are always running optimally and error free.

We are very sorry to those that experienced the crashing, and hope that all the iOS players that took the time to let us know about the issues via 1 star reviews (rather than our support link), are nice enough to update their reviews now 🙂

Cubemen for Linux

In case you missed the big news, Cubemen is now finally available for Linux in 32bit and 64bit flavours. YAY!

Right now it’s only available on the Ubuntu Software Centre, but will soon be available on Desura as well once the Desura guys fix a bug with my account ( this week I hope ).

If you are a Linux user and want to get into the awesome cross-platform multiplayer Cubemen experience, it’s really easy. Just click on the shiny orange logo below!

Cubemen 1.2 is rolling out..

I am pleased to FINALLY announce that Cubemen 1.2 is rolling out and I have added some new platforms too!

Cubemen is now available for Linux users via the Ubuntu Software Centre. Right now it’s on the front page so you cant miss it!

ANDROID (Tablets running 4.0.3+ only)

Cubemen us now also available for Android Tablet users via Google Play (And it’s FREE on Android with add support).


Cubemen for Windows and OSX on Steam is also now available on Steam.


Cubemen for Windows and OSX on Steam is also now available on Desura with linux builds coming soon too.

iOS (iPad 2+ only) & Mac App Store

Cubemen is waiting in both stores for review. Not long I hope until iPad and Mac users get their fix too!

Cubemen 1.2RC3 has gone to beta testers!

Cubemen 1.2 RC3 just went out to Steam Beta Testers – YAY! Hopefully only a small few issues will be found and I can release this soon to the world!

Cubemen 1.2 will include the new Level Editor

I have decided to postpone the 1.2 update so I can get the level editor finished and included. It’s very close now, though it has had no external testing yet.

I will be allowing anyone to publish levels to be played by others, but all levels will need to be validated by me first. That’s just the way it’s going to be until I am confident that:

  • The level editor is robust enough that people can’t make broken levels
  • The quality of the levels are high enough that I don’t feel that the quality of the game is lowered ( p.e.n.i.s levels anyone? )

I am hoping to get the first pass of the level editor out to testers this coming week and will keep everyone updated on the progress.

Here is a quick look at the User Level Favourites Gallery (Where you can select the level you wish to play from your selection of favourites)…

Level Editor – First Look Video

Here is a first look video of the in game Level Editor I am planning on shipping with Cubemen.

It’s still in development and has some bugs (the ones that pop up in this video are already fixed) but it is very close to being ready 🙂

PS. I know I have been unusually quite here lately in the Cubemen blog… It’s not that I don’t love you all, it’s just that I am busy hammering away on Cubemen 1.2, The new Level Editor and something new….

Cubemen in bundle!

We are pleased to announce that Cubemen is part of the latest “Gone Fishin’ ” Indie Royal games bundle.

But not only is Cubemen part of the bundle, we have also made a special Windows and OSX version of our previously iOS only title VectorGeddon and included it as a free giveaway as part of the bundle pack.

Please show your support to Indie Developers by jumping in and buying the bundle. it’s less than $5 at the moment for 7 awesome game titles.


Cubemen is a finalist in the 2012 Unity Awards

Cubemen has been chosen as a finalist in the Best Gameplay category of the 2012 Unity Awards.

I am super excited by this and though I have no illusions that Cubemen will win, making the finals out of all of the awesome games submitted is a massive achievement on it’s own.

I am actually off to Unite in Amsterdam for the conference and awards so it will be great to see CUbemen on the big screen and hear everyones reactions.