Our contact forms are broken, Sorry!

Our host, Dreamhost, did an awesome thing recently…. they improved their Anti-Spam efforts which all of their clients are very thankful for… Unfortunately, a side-effect of this change is that WordPress contact forms no longer send emails. They look like they have sent them… WordPress think’s it’s gone, but Dreamhost block it at their mail server end and bounce the email.

We are sorry to all of our Cubemen players that have been contacting us, thinking their emails have been ignored. We never got them, nor did we ever know you sent them.

We have ALWAYS offered very fast and personalised support, and this email issue has prevented us from doing this recently. We are truly sorry.

We are trying to find a solution, but have wasted over 2 days so far, and have not found something that works.

In the meantime, we have removed the contact forms from our support and contact page and added an email address instead for you to contact us on.

Again, we are very sorry for what seems like a total lack of support from us.

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