Cubemen 1.2 will include the new Level Editor

I have decided to postpone the 1.2 update so I can get the level editor finished and included. It’s very close now, though it has had no external testing yet.

I will be allowing anyone to publish levels to be played by others, but all levels will need to be validated by me first. That’s just the way it’s going to be until I am confident that:

  • The level editor is robust enough that people can’t make broken levels
  • The quality of the levels are high enough that I don’t feel that the quality of the game is lowered ( p.e.n.i.s levels anyone? )

I am hoping to get the first pass of the level editor out to testers this coming week and will keep everyone updated on the progress.

Here is a quick look at the User Level Favourites Gallery (Where you can select the level you wish to play from your selection of favourites)…

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