Cubemen 1.12 on it’s way…

Cubemen v1.1 has been the most successful Cubemen update so far in terms of new and exciting features and lack of any major bugs, but there are always some, so I have put together a 1.12 update.

Changes/Fixes in the update include:

  • Fixed invisible units issue in network games
  • Fixed connected players in mayhem lobby sometimes sticking around after you cancel the game.
  • Fixed NPC Mages not firing
  • Fixed issue when player changes camera view too quickly in game
  • Fixed a few levels with broken textures
  • Fixed a few levels with incorrect top down camera placement
  • Fixed bug when entering password in join private games in Mayhem mode not being forced to uppercase
  • Fixed bug where skirmish private games were rejecting some passwords
  • Fixed bug where if no player name was set and you joined a game, the game would not be start-able
  • Added forced player name entry on join screen if no name is set
  • Improved full screen & resolution switching on desktops
  • Optimised level geometry to reduce memory requirements and improve performance

The 1.12 update is already live on Steam and has been submitted to Apple for Mac App Store and iOS Store review. Hopefully review wont take too long.

Now, back to work on Cubemen v1.2 !


3 comments on “Cubemen 1.12 on it’s way…

  1. Geoffmsmith on said:

    1.12 update kills app. I think you need to review before you get a avalanche of complaints!

    • This is an Apple specific problem, not a Cubemen one, It’s happening to a bunch of apps and there are posts all over the Apple Developer Forums.

      It’s happening if you update directly on your device rather than via iTunes.

      The problem now is that if you delete Cubemen and re-download via iTunes, you’ll lose your game data,

      Here is a post about the issue with the GoodReader app –

      It’s a major Apple stuff-up and there is nothing I can do about it until Apple fix it 🙁

      Sorry 🙁

  2. Geoffmsmith on said:

    Hi Seon. Many thanks for the prompt update. As you say, Apple needs to sort this one out. Have to say it’s not the first issue I’ve had with App updates from their servers. I think they need to listen much more to the developer community than they appear to be doing at present. In the mean time I’ve regressed my Cubemen app to 1.06 from a backup. Presently the servers are reporting error 8830 when attempting to download update via App store on a Mac so there is no way to use syncing between IPad and Mac to achieve update to 1.12. From previous experience this could take Apple a few days to rectify.