Update: Our hosting company shut down our Cubemen databases!

After begging and begging, our hosting company agreed to bring the databases back online (big thanks) if we cut off much of the access and optimised the rest a smash as possible, so here is the current list of whats where:-

What’s working?

  • score saving
  • saving ratings
  • stat saving
  • scores leader boards
  • best defence scores
  • news feed
What’s not working
  • stats leader boards
  • loading ratings
If the load gets too high again, we will need to take down the leader boards (showing of) – Your scores will still be saved.┬áThis will stay this way for now until we get more help optimising the databases and move our hosting to a newer VPS. I am hoping the lead time for this is days, not weeks!
We honestly didn’t expect such a crazy and successful launch of Cubemen v1.1 – I are super excited by the size of the launch, but never expected these repercussions!


Yup, so much Cubemen traffic due to the v1.1 launch that without any notice, they shut down our games database, crashing games and preventing some games from even loading up.

I am on damage control mode right now and have been working on some server side hacks to prevent games from crashing, but for the moment, we have no score saving, no ratings, not game leader boards or stats.

So for the time being, no database access, sorry.

It’s 1am here and not a lot I can do and the hosting company is ignoring my emails!


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