The real final v1.1 feature list

Ok, Cubemen v1.1 is finally finished. I had more feature creep and found a few more bugs to fix and I am now happy with the final features that made it to v1.1

I have highlighted the main additions to the previous feature list announced in yellow.

All hat is left now before release is some thorough testing.

Cubemen v1.1 will be a free update for all customer on all platforms.

New Mayhem Mode

  • 2 – 6 player Online (or mixed with AI) gameplay on a new set of 6 maps (more maps to be released in future updates)
  • Individual or team based games
  • Host decides team selection and wether AI will fill empty player slots
  • In lobby chat system for players waiting for a game to start (Mayhem mode only)
  • iPad players can only host and join up to 4 player games

Cubemen Customisation

  • Customise both your units and enemy units
  • Select from 12 different colours
  • Select from 8 new additional textures ( ninja, eyepatch, skeleton etc )

Improved Network Games

  • Network games are now never cancelled when a player disconnects
  • AI wil take over the dropped player(s) and the game will continue as before

New Levels

  • 6 new Mayhem levels
  • 3 new Skirmish levels
  • 5 new Defense levels

New features & Improvements

  • New Sniper unit (SID). Deadly tracer bullets, massive range but low health.
  • Cycle through your units on the map with the , and . keys (only on desktop)
  • Improved unit selection on maps
  • Set the number of waves for both Skirmish & Mayhem games (20, 30, 40, 50, Unlimited)
  • Set the AI difficulty for both Skirmish & Mayhem games for those that want more of a challenge
  • New improved end of game screens with game stats for Defense mode and ladder for Skirmish and Mayhem games
  • Added [Join Game] button to the main screen and created a brand new lobby system that shows both Skirmish and Mayhem games on the same screen for easy game joining
  • Re-made the private game system to now be a password for a game. All games are shown in the lobby and those that require a password have a padlock and allow for the password to be entered for immediate joining
  • Revised Enemy Boss rain attack/li>
  • Levels colour strip now matches your Cubemen colour selection
  • Can now set Force 60hz or use Display Hz in game options screen
  • New Info button for Skirmish and Mayhem games that when on show’s player names above towers and extended enemy info, but when off, shows minimal enemy info for less screen clutter
  • 15 New achievements to earn

Improved Performance

  • A lot of optimisation and re-factoring has gone into this update to improve performance and allow for faster updates in the future
  • iPad players should notice improved performance on heavy/large levels.

Bug fixes

  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

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