Final Cubemen v1.1 feature list…

Ok, I am finally close enough to completion of the 1.1 update that I am happy to talk about the entire feature set.

I know this update has taken a while… Longer than I originally expected, but I wanted to make sure I did it right and took the time required to ensure the game changes were well thought out, implemented properly and stable.

I’m sure I will be adding to this list as I remember more things and tweak things before release, but here is the list as it stands today:-

New Mayhem Mode

  • 2 – 6 player Online (or mixed with AI) gameplay on a new set of SIX maps (more maps to be released in future updates)
  • Individual or team based (co-op) games
  • Host decides team selection and wether AI will fill empty player slots
  • In lobby chat system for players waiting for a game to start (Mayhem mode only)
  • iPad players can only host and join up to 4 player games

Cubemen Customisation

  • Customise both your units and enemy units
  • Select from 10 different colours
  • Select from 8 different textures ( ninja, eyepatch, skeleton etc )

Improved Network Games

  • Network games are now never cancelled when a player disconnects
  • AI bots will take over the dropped player(s) and the game will continue as before

New Levels

  • 6 new Mayhem levels
  • 3 new Skirmish levels
  • 3 new Defense levels

New features & Improvements

  • New Sniper unit. Deadly tracer bullets, massive range but low health.
  • Cycle through your units on the map with the , and . keys (only on desktop platforms)
  • Improved unit selection on maps
  • Set the number of waves for both Skirmish & Mayhem games (20, 30, 40, 50, Unlimited)
  • Set the AI difficulty for both Skirmish & Mayhem games for those that want more of a challenge
  • New improved end of game screens with game stats for Defense mode and ladder for Skirmish and Mayhem games
  • Added [Join Game] button to the main screen and created a brand new lobby system that shows both Skirmish and Mayhem games on the same screen for easy game joining
  • Re-made the private game system to now be a password for a game. All games are shown in the lobby and those that require a password have a padlock and allow for the password to be entered for immediate joining
  • Revised Enemy Boss rain attack

Improved Performance

  • A lot of optimisation and re-factoring has gone into this update to improve performance and allow for faster updates in the future
  • iPad players should notice improved performance on heavy/large levels.


This update will be a free update for owners on all platforms

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