Some info on improved network games in v1.1

So one of the things that’s really been narking me about network Skirmish games in Cubemen is what do do when a player disconnects (or gets a network dropout). I have tried collecting details about disconnection stats etc but ultimately that’s hard to do anything with accurately, so I decided to look at it from a different angle… and have come up with something I believe it super!

The problem for me with the current scenario is not about saving partial scores or penalising the disconnected player, but having a game I was playing and enjoying drop out on me and force me back to the menu.

From now on in v1.1 and onwards if a network game is interrupted for whatever reason, the game continues. AI bots take over from the disconnected player and the game continues without a hitch.

All units on the level stay in-tact and the game continues as if nothing happened, apart from a notification message that appears on the players screen notifying them that their opponent is gone and AI is taking over the game.

What is even better is I have got this working for both both sides, so if the game is interrupted un-intentionally (without one of the players quitting), both players games continue against AI on each end.

This feature is working well through all of my testing and is functional in both Skirmish and Mayhem games.

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