Cubemen 1.0.6 partly out…

Cubemen 1.0.6 is now out on iOS and on Steam and half out on Desura (Stand alone installers are updated, but client updater is still in the review queue).

Mac App Store versions are still “Waiting for review” with Apple. I really wish there was a way for the same game on both platforms (iOS and MAS) to be linked so they get reviewed and released at the same time.

I could have help back the iOS version until the MAS version was ready but I really wanted to get the crash fixes and performance improvements out to everyone on iOS as soon as possible.

We have also has some web sever downtime the last few days. We host with DreamHost and they have had one of their three data centres go up and down like a yoyo for the last few days and lucky us.. that’s where our server is.

Of course all of our high scores and ratings, ranks and game stats are stored on the web server, so interruptions to that causes interruptions to some features in Cubemen. Sorry. DreamHost are usually 100% reliable. I hope they get the issues sorted soon!


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