Cubemen 1.0.6 is Ready!

I have been hard at work (again) on the latest update to Cubemen that focuses mainly on stability and bug fixes as well as some improvements to game mechanics and some spit and polish.

This version is going into submission this weekend.

Here is the complete list of changes:


  • Added new Defense Level – UpDown
  • Added message for No Support for GMA950 cards on game start (OSX)
  • Added message for No Support for iPad1 on game start (iOS)
  • Added message about network games and version number
  • Added device icons (mac, pc, ipad)
  • Added more music loops
  • Added sound-fx chime when player joins network game
  • Added framerate threshold for dropping VFX on iOS devices at low frame rate (Check Options screen – on by default)
  • Added incrementing cost for units (This changes the game slightly for those that spam levels with GRILLS)
  • Added move lives to Beginner (15 lives) and Easy levels (13 lives)


  • Improved performance where possible
  • Improved Mortar unit at short distance and stationary targets
  • Improved online game connection screens ( Now Looks Nicer)
  • Improved Endless mode – It’s now harder 🙂


  • Fixed Skimish mode players not attacking other players when no non player units on the level.
  • Fixed imbalance on AI Grenade units in Skirmish mode
  • Fixed skirmish game stability and syncing
  • Fixed more crash bugs
  • Fixed bug where stats used for achievements were not storing correctly ( stats and achievements could now be out of sync, but they will re-sync over time )
  • Fixed humped bonus times
  • Fixed Last Stand – Best scores To Beat not loading in properly

2 comments on “Cubemen 1.0.6 is Ready!

  1. Guest on said:

    Folks, how long does it usually take from submission to Apple to the punter being able to download the update?