New Cubemen update submitted! Again!

We have submitted the 1.0.4 iOS and OSX update to Apple for review, and hope to have it out to everyone as quick as possible.

I’ll be honest and say we cant be 100% sure we have fixed every single fringe case of the iOS crashing some users have experienced, but we have squished a few and this version of Cubemen is extremely rock solid.

Our testers have been hammering it all day and no one has experienced any crashing… but what they have experienced is better performance, better unit targeting and firing and more cool new features!

We didn’t get every feature we planned into the 1.0.4 update, because we opted to focus on stability first, but we did get a lot done and this new update was never going to be the last, so everything we have planned will eventually make it in.

This is the final list that made it into the 1.0.4 update:

  • Added new Defense Level – Spikes (Hard)
  • Added new Defense game mode – Sudden Death. Start with 1 life and that’s all you get.
  • Added click/tap ANY unit on the level to see the units details (Name, Weapon & Health)
  • Added player unit target choice – Target Closest & Target Furthest
  • Added support for 2560 x 1440 & 2560 x 1600 resolutions (Desktop version)
  • Added more hints
  • Moved player units main details to bottom left of interface and added unit cooling/ready state display
  • Improved targeting/shooting of Cubemen (especially Mortar and Flamer)
  • Improved performance & optimised shaders
  • Tweak Ripples level to make it easier
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Fixed bug where “Pick New Level” after game end didn’t display the level selection screen correctly
  • Fixed random crash bug on camera switch
  • Fixed random crash when Lazlo Laser unit fires
  • Fixed in game rating button not going to correct page (iOS)
  • Fixed game sometimes getting stuck during first play help stopping waves from starting
  • Fixed bonus packages not triggering when falling on units
Because Sleep is only for sissies and the updates were still waiting for review, I decided to add more to this update and tackle another gripe many players have.
  • Player Units that fall off the level or too far away from their spots get reset back to the base and re-pathfind back to their wanted destination
  • Improved Mike Medic pathfinding
  • Improved occasional overshooting of destination when Units walking

Now an even better comprehensive list 🙂

Once we have a confirmation of when 1.0.4 will be approved, we will update the Steam and Desura versions to ensure all versions are the same.

We cant wait to get this update into everyone’s hands!

Cheers 🙂


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  1. Awesome, thanks!