Cubemen iOS, the occasional crash & more goodies!

Hi Internet 🙂

There have been a few reports of the current iOS version of Cubemen crashing sometimes. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am on the case. I am aggressively bug hunting trying to track this issue down, even though it only seems to be happening to a small few – not me unfortunately, or I would have been able to find it instantly 🙁

I am also working hard on adding some really cool new features to Cubemen for the next update (1.0.4)… A few of which are user requests.

I plan to get this next update out early next week ( Totally up to Apple ) and I think that everyone is going to be VERY happy with the new changes, additions and general goodies.

2 comments on “Cubemen iOS, the occasional crash & more goodies!

  1. Mattlorenzo on said:

    Thanks, man! Looking forward to it. I’ve noticed that the crash happens on the final wave during classic mode quite frequently.