Some Bugs hey?

So it seems there are a few bugs in Cubemen. Not surprising! It’s not a small or un-complex game, so getting it out to the masses on Steam was sure to turn up things that were missed, or more importantly, things that are platform specific that we just couldn’t cover in our internal or initial external testing.

So I am hard at work on the 1.0.2 update that not only addresses as many bugs as I can find and squish, but also looks at adding initial user feedback and feature requests, like 1-7 keys to select units to buy, and inverted scrollwheel zoom options.

I love customer feedback, good and bad, as it helps me make Cubemen a better game, so please bring it on. All I ask is that if you do report bugs or issues, please provide your system info and clear descriptions of the bug and how to possibly reproduce it.

To all the Cubemen players out there… A big thank you for your awesome feedback and comments. I really appreciate it! Even the nasty ones!

9 comments on “Some Bugs hey?

  1. Upgrades to units, like range and power. Points would give you the upgrades. So you can either buy a new unit or upgrade a unit. Also do the units attack enemies that are closest to them?

  2. dontlistentomeimstupid on said:

    i think in the multiplayer menu there should be a way to see how many people are actually trying to get in  a match too, so you know your not waiting for nothing, and maybe also the games could hold more people but put them in spectate mode, all of the spectating players could be put in a line and when some one playing wins then the person who is first in the spectator line can play the winner and the guy who lost goes to the back of the line, this would make it more clear that your actually waiting to get in a game and play.

  3. Rickykai on said:

    i cant see the map nor players while playing

  4. ProFan on said:

    Repeating, some steam archivements needed to be fixed. They were fixed, but fixed wrong – bonus %name% and %name% pickuper are messed – I got one that says that I picked up 50 cirtain bonuses, but I picked up only 20 of that type. 

  5. Guest on said:

    Joined players cant gain any cubes for killing cubemen in my host games, why? This is ridiculous.

    • Thats a bug and it’s not happening for everyone. I am trying to track it down at the moment and will send out new builds once its found and fixed.