“Steam Day” is over – The aftermath!

Well I survived Steam Launch Day for Cubemen.

It was a tough few weeks leading up to the release and a manic day today with literally hundreds of emails, Facebook & Twitter messages and forum posts.

Overall the response from the Steam community was awesome, with everyone I heard from throughly enjoying playing, even those that struggled to get going with the easy levels eventually got there and got into it.

Our poor database server took a pounding as did our multiplayer server, but thankfully everything scaled as planned!

We only had a few bug reports about some minor things and some unspecified networking issues.

We also had one customer that wasn’t able to play at all on their PC, but we fixed that one and I am happy to say he is loving his Cubemen experience now.

So all in all a I am VERY happy with the Steam launch.

Don’t forget, Cubemen is on sale @ $3.99 (20% Off) for until the 24th March, then it goes back to the full price of $4.99, so grab it soon if you haven’t already!

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