Mac App Store Early Leak

Yup, it seems that I some how messed up setting the release date of the Mac App Store version of Cubemen and after getting a nice email at 3am this morning that Cubemen was approved for release on the Mac App Store, I realised by 8am that it was also live.

After a moment of panic and fist shaking, I forward set the date to take it off the store and sat down and had a giggle. Congratulations to any that managed to buy it before I pulled it.

So, why haven’t I just released it?

Well, it’s complicated… No, not really. The version that has been sitting in the approval pipeline is not the final release of Cubemen, so not the version I wanted the public to be using. Since that version was submitted (due to the long approval times) Cubemen had a few bug fixes, a few new features added and had its networking library updated to a new version that dramatically reduced the bandwidth usage when playing online games.

So my plan in submitting to the MAS early was to use the opportunity to double check for any other issues that Apple had with the game and then once approved, just submit the final version when ti was ready (which I did this morning).

So, for any that did manage to buy Cubemen on the Mac App Store today, well done. It’s not a pre-release version, and its fully playable, and you will get the latest and greatest version soon, once it’s gone through the approval process (again).

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