Never sitting idle…

I have been hard at work enhancing Cubemen for the Steam release on the 16th of March. You would have thought I would have locked off the feature set already, but nope, I am squeezing more and more into v1.0… it’s getting silly đŸ™‚

I have added in a new Cubman type for the player to purchase, a new user level rating system, some end of game improvements and other bits and bobs, pushing and pushing to really polish v1.0 and make it the best game it can be on launch.

This is an unusual practice for me… I usually get the game out and add more polish & features in updates along the way, but I decided to really push myself this time round and make sure the release version was the best I could possibly make it.

I also now have to ensure Cubemen for iOS (iPad2+) is ready for the iPad 3. Though Cubemen game is currently resolution independent, there is still much work to do in testing on the iPad 3 for UI scale issues as well as performance issues… I am not convinced the A5X chip can push 4 times as many pixels as the A5 chip could and don’t want a nice looking but worse performing experience for Cubemen players on the iPad 3.

Anyway, back to the grind…



2 comments on “Never sitting idle…

  1. SapientWolf on said:

    Will the game be getting a price change when it releases on Steam? All the current prices on Steam are $x.99 unless they’re on sale. Also, will you get a Steam key if you purchase on Desura (and vice versa)?

    • The price on Steam will be the same as on Desura for US$. How that all converts out to other currencies may change the price. With regards to keys to use Cubemen between Desura and Steam, that hasn’t been decided yet. Wait for the Steam release, as the game *may* launch at  discounted rate.