New Cubemen update submitted to @Desura

We have just submitted a new update to Desura that includes some new features and of course some bug fixes. It seems that bugs will forever be found, lucky we are good at finding and fixing them in a snap!

We have also included a new video to the Video Gallery, provided by WhoKnowsGames from Explain That Game. Thanks for the coverage 🙂

Whats new in this latest update? Glad you asked!

  • Added new Photon framework – less bandwidth usage
  • Added more keyboard hot keys
  • Added hot key help list to pause screen
  • Changed scores ladder to only show best score per player for each level/mode
  • Fixed pause in skirmish mode
  • Fixed a few crashing levels
  • Fixed Photon network game issues
  • Fixed scores ladder displaying the wrong rank id when not on page 1
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

We have also updated out iOS (iPad2+) submission too.

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