Been quiet, but good news!

Yes I have been way quieter that I had planned, especially since this is supposed to be the Cubemen development blog and clearly Cubemen development has been in full force for the last few months.

I am excited to announce that Cubemen is now in Beta and the last Alpha version (0.95) was submitted to Desura last Friday (Still pending approval).

The first Beta will be ready this week and is already very solid. The last few levels are going in now and the level totals for v1.0 are:-

  • 20 Defense levels
  • 10 Skirmish Levels

I have also finished the iOS port of Cubemen for iPad (iPad2 only it seems as the original iPad just doesn’t have enough power to play the bigger levels). I have also integrated GameCenter even though I am running my own scores and achievements system.

While I was working on the last Alpha, I also ripped out the Unity Raknet networking and replaced it with Photon, allowing for no NAT punch-through requirements for hosting games and no issues with proxies. Network games should now be host-able, find-able and join-able by all.

Dont forget, you can still grab Cubemen for Windows and OSX on Desura at 50% until the first Beta version is out. Then the discount will drop from 50% to 25%.

Until next time….

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