Cubemen Alpha 0.93 is out on Desura

Cubemen Alpha 0.93 is done and dusted and available on Desura as an update for existing customers as well as full version downloads for Windows and OSX.

Cubemen on Desura Alphafunding

So, whats new (between 0.90 and 0.93) ?

New Content

  • Added new JUST ROCKETS Defense mode
  • Added new ENDLESS Defense mode
  • Added new TUNNEL Skirmish level
  • Added new TWO WALLS Defense Level
  • Added new HUMPED Defense Level
  • Added new Boss enemy (Rains down bullets )
  • Added seperate music on/off to game as well as SFX on/off
  • Added “pick new level” from defense game end screen

Changes & Improvements

  • Removed in game metric tracking

Main Fixes

  • Fixed bug where game hint was showing at same time as achievement award
  • Fixed crash bug when spawning new burner enemy type
  • Fixed crash when trying to load an enemy that dosnt exist yet.
  • Fixed no placement possible after selling a Cubeman
  • Fixed grenade enemy firing late in animation
  • Fixed Cubemen overshootig position and climbing issues
  • Fixed a rare UI bug that might cause a game to freeze up
  • And more…

Each update will/may alter the games saves options data format and when run for the first time, will re-create the datafile treating the game as the first time you have played it. We apologise for having to go through the “First Play Experience” each time this happens, but that’s the nature of playing bleeding edge builds 🙂

Cubemen is getting closer and closer to Beta, so hurry up and grab your copy at 50% off now while it’s still in Alpha!

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