A quick dev update..

We have been working really hard, releasing a few Alpha updates these last few weeks, with new content including new levels, new enemies and now with our latest up-n-coming Alpha update due out next week, we have added 2 new Defense game play modes!

– Endless (Yup, unlimited waves… how far can you go! )
– Just Rockets (You can only buy Ricky Rocket men & only Enemy Crossbow men are spawned – It’s mayhem!)

Plus we have added our first Boss enemy that rains down bullets from the sky and of course, we have squished a few bugs too.

Cubemen is available as an Alpha for 50% off via Desura.

Desura Digital Distribution

Both Windows and OSX builds are available. Just use the Windows BUY button and once purchased, you can choose which platform to download the game for.

Also, incase you haven’t see out new Teaser… check it out here!

Have fun playing Cubemen!

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