Cubemen Alpha 0.90 is ready!

Cubemen Alpha 0.90 is done and amazingly, it’s release is ahead of schedule. That doesn’t happen often in the games industry, so forgive me while I celebrate a bit!

Cubemen on Desura Alphafunding

The release is being process on Desura as I type and should be available as an update for existing owners and a new installer for new customers shortly.

So, whats new (between 0.89 and 0.90) ?

New Content

  • Added new SPIRALED Skirmish level
  • Added new SPINELESS Skirmish level
  • Added new CROSSED Defense level
  • Added new BURNER enemy (shoots fire)
  • Added wave difficulty indicator to allow players to plan strategy based on the difficulty of the wave

Changes & Improvements

  • Updated enemy Rocket man to Crossbow man
  • Improved many levels wave patterns (be prepared to more of a challenge in many levels)
  • Improved Versus AI gameplay and AI smartness (still a work in progress)
  • Improved Level Start screen on Versus modes
  • Improved/Cleaned up some network game exit code
  • Changed resource amount from 500 -> 350 for Limited Cubes mode
  • Increased number of and speed of enemy shrapnel ( hurts you more, sorry 🙂 )
  • Activated the self destruct button on players to clear them and earn back half cost in cubes

Main Fixes

  • Fixed position of next enemy message for when not playing in Classic mode
  • Fixed position of game mode name in game HUD
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the last wave would not complete spawning before game over event
  • Fixed bug where camera shake sometimes left camera off centre
  • Fixed double placement but in Skirmish games Versus AI
  • Fixed missing Achievement UI graphics from some levels
  • Lots of minor bug fixes
Each update will/may alter the games saves options data format and when run for the first time, will re-create the datafile treating the game as the first time you have played it. We apologise for having to go through the “First Play Experience” each time this happens, but that’s the nature of playing bleeding edge builds :-)We hope you enjoy this comprehensive update, and we look forward to sharing what else we are working on for Cubemen in future updates.

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