Level Editor Considerations…

I just spent the last few days re-working my internal level editor to remove a few steps from my level creation pipeline and to also integrate my pathfinding system into the level editor, so levels can be path checked before publishing to ensure there are no errors or silly things.

So in the back of my mind, while making these rather significant changes to the level editor, I have been throwing around the idea still of ONE DAY, shipping the level editor with Cubemen, so users can create their own levels.

I know that seems like an obvious move, but from my experience it is anything but an obvious move. My previous experience with making a game that also shipped with a level editor, was that I ended up with over 1800 user created levels of which over 95% were crap, rubbish, stupid concoctions that were clearly just a “what does this do” and then publish to the gallery because they could.

These of course were un-vetted levels, as I didn’t have the time or inclination to vet every single level submission.

The net result of that was a drop in overall quality of the gaming experience for that title, which for me is now a totally un-except-able result.

So, if I do include a level editor in Cubemen, I will consider the following 2 things first…

  1.  Users will be able to create and play their creations locally, but if they want to submit them for public playing, they will need to go via me to approve first. If I deem the level of good enough quality and different enough from any other provided levels or other publicly available user created levels, then I will make the level available for public playing.
  2.  I MIGHT not include the level editor by default, and only include it in a special edition version of Cubemen, for those that are serious enough about making good and playable levels. This was suggested to me by one of the game portals to remove clutter from those that are just “mucking around with the level editor”.

So, what are everyone’s thoughts on this? Please use the comments field below to offer your thoughts on including a level editor in Cubemen and my ideas of reducing clutter and keeping quality high. Thanks 🙂

14 comments on “Level Editor Considerations…

  1. Tony P on said:

    I think it would be far better to let the community create whatever they like BUT implement a rating system that would allow other users to rate the level.

    You certainly don’t want to end up rating and approving every level that will be submitted. As you stated, you don’t have the time.

  2. Rat Hacker on said:

    Please Include level editor by default, more people will buy it and more people are going to have fun.
    About submiting, ratings, so if it is approved by the comunity, the map will go for everyone.

  3. 3Tkiller77 on said:

    well i think you should include it in default, and have people able to play there levels online with friends or random people. Allthough people should NOT be able to send it to you or spam a website with crappy levels. Or you could make a website specificly for that, and then have people rate levels, so you can more easly chose levels to use.

  4. krossingfate on said:

    A rating system would be very effective in this case. It would be very nice to have a level editor as default, for people to explore and create new strategic maps to keep on their own computers. People should be able to send the map to their friends to play online. This is what i think anyways.

    • krossingfate on said:

      it most likely not make any sense on what im saying, so i apologize. I just throw opinions out there as soon as they come up.

  5. I think that u can put it in the default-version. And that everyone can send it to friends. U can make a
    website there peaple upload maps and others can download them.On this way u mustnd test them and u dont waste ure time with it.

  6. Seujiro on said:

    A level editor would be ridiculously awesome, but if you are still going to be considering it for a while, do you think you could add more levels to the game?..

  7. ProFan on said:

    You can make it as free dlc or include in update, maybe steam users will be able to add it to steam workshop as it happened with portal 2 and will be with Toki Tori 2.

  8. Joolls43 on said:

    I think the editor should be on the default, but only allow highly rated levels to make it to the main page to avoid cluttering the game with crap and ruining the experience. Players should be allowed to play unfiltered community crap if they want to.

  9. D1g1t4l3ch0 on said:

    I think instead of having you verify each level or set a price for a premium version of the game which includes the level editor. Setup a level voting system. If a level gets negative or no votes within a set period of time, it gets removed automatically. It should at least keep the clutter to a minimum.

    Maybe also include some inscentive, like special Cubemen customizations to the level creators that make quality content. Of course this idea may inspire more people to use, and fail at the level editor only resulting in more crap levels.

  10. FLy1nRabBit on said:

    I like option 1 very much 😀 lol

  11. FLy1nRabBit on said:

    Acually yes, I agree with most with the whole rating thing, and how people can submit maps on Steam Workshop. 

  12. Corogl on said:

    I see why you want to make the level editor in a special edition of the game, but if you do this I think it is only fair that those who ALREADY own the game do get a free copy of the Level Editor.