Desura Alpha Funding!

We have some great news! Cubemen has been approved to be included in the Alpha funding project.

Who is Desura and what is Alpha funding?

Desura are a games delivery, news and community platform very much like Steam. They have a game client for both Windows and Linux, have extensive user forums and developer blogs and news and of course, they sell games.

Desura offer a special games sales platform, called Alpha Funding, for “soon to be finished (but currently un-finished) games” that allows developers to pre-sell their unfinished games at a discount to early adopters, allowing customers to get pre release builds of the game to play, comment on and help the developer shape and improve the game prior to release. Once the final version is out, they get that too, but don’t pay anymore for it.

So, Cubemen has been shown to and approved by the Desura team to be included in the fairly exclusive Alpha funding project, and will available very soon as a pre-release version for the Windows platform only.

I’ll post more information within the next few days as I wrap up my current development build so I can get it on Desura’s portal and ready for pre-sale.


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