Been coding like a maniac…

Yes it’s true, I am addicted to GameDev, but that’s not the only reason I have been going crazy this past week working away on Cubemen. It’s also because Cubemen is getting soooooo close to a shipping v1.0 version that I can smell it.

So I have been pushing myself really hard on coding, art and gameplay tasks and have really scored some amazing wins during the process.

So, whats been happening these last few days? Well, quite a lot considering such a short time since my last blog post AND it’s also been new years. Happy New Year to you all !

I have just added the new “First Play” help system (screen shot of one of the screens is now in the Cubemen Screenshot Gallery) and I have also added  ZOOM and PAN to the Orthogonal camera game view which is pretty cool (though needs more testing on the Windows platform).

I have been spending some time on polishing up some of the early artistic choices I made for Cubemen, adding in nicer visuals and VFX. Many are just small things, but they all really add up to improve the look and feel of the game.

I have also spent some time on the Game Options screen, improving the layout and adding in the ability to reset your local scores, Medals and Achievements so you can start all over again like a fresh install.

I have squished what feels like a few hundred bugs, though I am sure its been less than 30, and have constantly been re-facoring code and refining playability.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big public thanks to my wife for giving me the free time, way above and beyond normal work hours, to work on Cubemen. She has been looking after our 2 young children and the house, giving me the space and freedom to follow my passion and dreams. THANK YOU!

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Until next post…

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