Orthogonal Camera and new Hints system….

I have just finished adding in a Camera switch option in game to switch to a top down Orthogonal camera view, allowing players to switch between that and the regular rotatable 3D camera at will. It’s pretty good and definitely introduces a new perspective to the game – pun intended 🙂

I have also added in the new Hints Manager that showcases play hints at the start of each level being played. I am trying to get Cubemen to the state that between a set of basic hints and just the user jumping in to play, that I can remove the need for help screens or even a tutorial level. I am not 100% sure I will succeed, but that is my aim anyway.

You can see screenshots of both of these features in the Screenshot Galley.

I also have a few new testers on board sending me lots of feedback on both gameplay loves/hates and bugs. Getting help early has really allowed me to shape Cubemen into a better game that I think it would have been with just my own thoughts and feelings about the game.

What I am also noticing is that each testers online scores are getting better and better with each level play through, showing a clear ability to learn and master each level.

So now the biggest hurdle I have to face is feature creep. My bug list is shrinking, but my to-do list is growing, making it very very hard to actually get the game finished 🙁

That said, time to get back to it 🙂




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