What is Cubemen?

Cubemen 2 for iOS and MAS – Out now! 

Check out the new User Level gallery link above to see the amazing user levels being created!

Cubemen is a fast paced, action packed, original 3D Tower Defense game that mixes TD and RTS in the most exciting way possible! Get ready for some crazy Cubemen action!

It’s the age old struggle between Good vs Bad, Blue vs Red, Little men vs Little men. Use your own little Cubemen to defend your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over. It’s the usual story, but with many very interesting twists.

Play a purely defense game in various modes on a sweet selection of levels, or go into Skirmish mode and play a new type of TD game against either the computer or another human opponent. That’s right.. Two way REAL-TIME TD against the computer or a real person!

There are no static towers, just little men! Spawn your little Cubemen with orders to get to a certain location to attack or defend. You can move your Cubemen around the board at any time or click on an enemy to target them.

It’s TD like you’ve never seen or experienced before! It’s fast. It’s hard. It’s pure chaos, and it’s coming very soon to a computer near you.

Cubemen is currently available on Steam (PC & MAC), Desura (PC & MAC), Mac App Store and iOS App Store (iPad2+ only).

176 comments on “What is Cubemen?

  1. Sereneronin on said:

    you can sign me up for the beta!

  2. Looks like a great game

  3. Hugo Cardoso on said:

    Before you buy, I wonder if there is expected to launch. (I am Brazilian, excuse the grammar google translator: P)

  4. Koinilogiki on said:

    Νο demo, no purchase, sorry

  5. Koinilogiki on said:

    No demo, no purchase, sorry

  6. Jacky on said:

    LOL~~ looking at the pics… wondering… you got your ideas from Defense Grid?
    Since I only buys games on Steam, hope it will get released on Steam someday.

    • Seon on said:

      I am a big TD fan in general, and though I have played and enjoy Defense Grid, my inspiration has come from many TD games mashed together 🙂

      Cubemen will be available on Steam for PC and Mac on March 16th, 2012. Cheers 🙂

      • Jacky on said:

         Thx for the heads up
        Looking forward to it.
        If the price is right, I will definitely pick this up.
        I already own every tower defense games available on Steam…
        but there just ain’t enough you know.
        looking forward to see more tower defense games on Steam ^.^

    • Cairah on said:

      do u have the darkness JACKY!!!!?????

      • Jacky on said:

        I don’t play any horror games….
        or should I say… any games that increase my heart bit rate.

  7. Please tell me you’re planning on releasing the mac and windows build on Steam. I’d prefer to keep all my game purchases there, and not spread them out over Steam and the Mac App Store.

  8. ddzev on said:

    hi guys, i have a question, if i buy it on Desura, can i add the cd key in steam later ? Thanks.

  9. Nbyloo on said:

    No iPad 2?

  10. Hi, is this Online multiplayer?

  11. Supagu on said:

    Does this game have coop?

  12. Jacky on said:


    Waiting for some actual reviews/feedback, it looks promising from the gameplay video on youtube.
    Are you going to continue develop and update the game after release?

  13. This is a really good game reminds me a lot of multiwinia charm. I just got it on the steam sale for PC, and while I like the gameplay, the camera angles seem kinda awkward and the games end up to me being the fire person spam because they seem the most cost efficient. My favorite maps are the skirmish ones with more than one angle of attack like the coliseum, it would be awesome to see more like that. And a map editor would be very nice to play vs friends. Also on the hill I my attacking soldiers got stuck, a timer to start the next wave after like a minute might work. Keep up the good work!!

  14. Randall on said:

    I played the Defenders of Ardania demo, which this game appears to be almost identical to. Fortunately that had a demo so I could see how restrictive, repetetive and limited it was compared to more advanced TD games like Defense Grid or Orcs Must Die. This game appears to be just more Ardania, limited tower placement, limited unit types, and a rudimentary rock-paper-scissors methodology. Endlessly firing out the same unit over and over and hoping to outclick your enemy isn’t strategy, and by restricting tower placement you effectively make every level only have one possible solution. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • You got all this from the video? Really? No level in Cubemen only has one solution, sorry. Your totally wrong about your assessment, but thats ok, you don’t have to buy Cubemen. Thats whats great about free choice 🙂

  15. Will this run on a MacBook with Intel GMA950 integrated grahics? Thanks!

  16. Suchyjeden on said:

    Work on GeForce 7300 gt ?

  17. Wait…you have to buy this from steam, but you can play it free on other websites?

    • Jacky on said:

      I guess most Steam users prefer buying their games…
      I myself prefer paying for games mainly for its support and legitimize …
      there are always free alternatives of almost anything on windows platform…

      But you don’t always get updates or any sort of support for free stuff…
      and you shouldn’t expect any either when you aren’t offering anything to the developer.

      Developing apps/games is a job…. not charity.

    • The online version on Woglie.com is a cut down version. 5 maps out of 50 and doesn’t allow network play against the latest version on Steam, Desura and soon to be released iOS (iPad 2+) and Mac App Store. Consider it an early demo.

      • Lorenzo Petrone on said:

        The most important point of a demo is to see if it will actually run on a device: this “online version” can’t likely serve that purpose.

  18. Th3r3alptm on said:

    help please, how do I fix or play online(local), because I host the game and my brother enters but we both hit ready but nothing happens and the escape button don’t even work, then I have to press the start
    key close the game by force or by task manager and open it again, please help me.

  19. Macgyver Olsen on said:

    Glad I got to see this thing come to life! Great work! I am going to try to buy this today.


  20. Nager on said:

    On my country the dollar is really, REALLY high, don’t know if it will be a good choice, will you release a demo?
    If there’s not demo well i will wait for Skidrow or other cracker and if i like it i buy it 😀

  21. IAmMarauder on said:

    Will this come out on Android?

  22. Bran G. on said:

    a wishlist for future updates/sequals:
    -A map/level editor and some way to share/preview/review/download/read about/etc. IN GAME
    -A few DLCs/addons for the game (preferably free)
    -team/co-op play online~red team, blue team, green team, yellow team~or like capture the flag
    -more steam achievements
    -more different types of cubemen 
    -making lives for the AI spawn point in classic mode
    I love the game! Keep up the good work!

  23. kr00lplatinum on said:

    I just bought this via Desura because their offline solution works viruses Steam Offline. Wish it had the same achievements though…

    • Cubemen has the same achievements on both platforms (Steam and Desura), but Desura don’t offer an API to integrate into to show achievements outside of Cubemen like Steam does.

  24. Eleanar on said:

    is this jsut a 2player multiplayer game?

  25. Do you mean by “iPad2+” the “new iPad” (aka 3rd gen) ?

    If so, why 🙁 ? The new iPad is not faster than the 2nd generation one D:

    • I mean iPad 2 and later so in this case the 3. The 3 is not faster in CPU that the 2, but much faster in GPU and has more memory, so definitely an improvement.

  26. pass…until there’s a demo…
    looks great and seems like good gameplay…
    Reminds me of SpaceChem…which wore thin fast…

  27. a flying rHiNo on said:

    This Game would be the perfect game to have a level editor in! I love it. Co-op would also be fun, or just more multiplayer components. This is a really amazing game! Keep up the good work.

  28. Christian on said:


  29. Too bad, it doesn’t run on a MacBook with Intel GMA950 integrated grahics.

    Cubemen fires up, but during gameplay all that’s displayed is a large brown area with game control overlays. Screenshot: http://cl.ly/1u1w0d3H000M3n3I0n0k

  30. great game mates 😀 funny and smart 😛

  31. Kyle Swartley on said:

    Are there any plans to support Linux in the future? I’d buy it again for that.

  32. Purchased this game yesterday and already I am in love with it. I would just like to go ahead and repeat a request someone else made. This really would expand the replay value if there was a level editor, or something built in to randomly generate maps. Also just purchased this for my roommate on Steam so we can now battle head to head. Love the concept! Love the game!

  33. Federico on said:

    also on iphone4-4s or only ipad?

  34. Nicket on said:

    Wont work on a Macbook pro/air with the Intel 3000 video chip then? 🙁

  35. Nicket on said:

    So it won’t run on a macbook pro/air with the Intel HD3000 video chip? 🙁

    • I just replied to your last exact question… It does here on my MacBook Pro 🙂 The issue is the GMA 9X series and others between that and the latest HD integrated GPU’s…  

      • Nicket on said:

         I didn’t see my post. So i made a new one 🙂

        Then i’ll give it a try! thanks.

  36. Larry Anderson on said:

    Can’t wait for this to hit iOS tonight.  Just bought a new iPad and I’ve been waiting for this game!!!

  37. Niallo on said:

    Bought this on my new iPad. Really looking forward to playing but it always crashes just when it loads the title screen 🙁

  38. Mashpotato on said:

    Very cool, Already loaded since find this game review from the ipadgamereviews.org !!

  39. Will release a version for iPhone?

  40. Erau2008 on said:

    I’ve just started playing
    But I notice that things start running slow and the game crashes just as the action is getting intense –

  41. Random on said:

    will it work on ipad 1??

  42. George on said:

    Why is it only for iPad 2?

  43. Wow great game, this and Oil Rush really redefine the TD Genre!

  44. Great game but one thing, the Name of your game is a little bit odd because searching in google for cubemen game or something is not really succesfull.

  45. Mike Weiser on said:

    Hi 3 Sprockets!

    I was really impressed with Cubemen.  It’s a great game!

    I compose and produce music and sound effects for animation, games, film, tv, audiobooks, and iPhone/iPad applications.  

    If you’re in need of original music, sound design/effects or audio editing for any of your apps, or know any other developers that are looking for such services, please let me know!  You can check out my online portfolio here:


    Nice job on all your application development so far!  Let me know if I can be involved with future apps as well as updates of current software.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mike Weiser

  46. Hoho on said:


  47. Johnny1020 on said:

    CAN U PLZ MAKE AND IPAD 1 version?!?!?!?!? Even if it’s slow?!

  48. Epicman1 on said:

    ME AND MY FRIENDS WANNA BUY this game it looookkkkssss AWESOMEEEEE but can u make it for the iPad even if it’s slow?

  49. Epicman1 on said:


  50. iultimatez on said:

    Can it run on Macbook early 2008 with intel GMA X3100 GPU??

  51. Ethan Capper on said:

    Sounds like a really good game I wish they made it on I pod So I could play it !!!

  52. I got my new iPad tomorrow, is cubemen already supporting Retina Display?

    Edit: It is! AWESOME!

  53. Last night i built my defense and left it on all night! Now i have half my men gone and over 1,000,000 points 😀

  54. Kemper on said:

    why only for ipad 2 Dx

  55. Efv_97 on said:

    why not on ipod 4?? 🙁

  56. Winjury on said:

    Free demo?

  57. Redwooddavies@btinternet.com on said:

    Will it ever be for iPad or will it forever be iPad2?

  58. Sdziscool on said:

    why no android?

  59. DEXONATOR on said:

    can mac app store buyers verse steam buyers?

  60. Matteo Bellini1 on said:

    Great game! I play it on my MBP, hours! Can you bring it also to Ipad 1? PLEASE!!! Matteo

  61. Pupsnoop1 on said:

    to bad there is no way to make your own  levels, that would be fun. 

  62. kubro on said:

    how do u play online or with another computer

  63. Bob McMan on said:

    Will it be for Android soon?

  64. Spelling Fairy on said:

    “that misex TD and RTS” – I believe you meant “mixes”?

  65. Yigit Ozcelik on said:

    Can you make a mode controlling the red? (I don’t know if there is)… 🙂

  66. guest on said:

    bought for iPad but will not automatically download for iMac–do you have to buy it twice?

    • Of course, they are totally different stores. That is an Apple thing, not a developer thing. Apple might use the same login, but no apps/games on the two stores are linked when purchased. Sorry.

  67. Bought it for the iPad 3 but it will not automatically download for the iMac–why? DOes one have to buy it twice?

  68. Carlos on said:

    This game is really fun to pass the time.
    Me and my sister kept playing for hours and hours because we always got the mortar guy first.
    For us he’s very useless in the start of the game. But when we get in the heat of battle, it’s a welcome addition to our game.
    The graphics are very simple i have to say, but are very detailed and nice.
    The different classes are very unique from anything i’ve seen before, I thought Mike was some guy with a very powerful weapon, But the I found out he was a Medic and that really paid off.
    Lazlo and Ricky are the ones me and my sister are trying to get first, As they are the most powerful in the heat of battle. This is very easy to play on an iPad 2 and very great indie title, I am hoping for more updates like more characters, a Map making system, and anything you guys can get your creative brains on to.

    • Thanks Carlos, I am glad you are enjoying Cubemen so much. I am hard at work on the MEGA 1.1 update that has lots of new cool stuff in it. This is a very big update, so I am not rushing it as I want it to be everything it can be. Stay tuned…

  69. Paul on said:

    Das spiel ist gut

  70. ImmortalXD on said:

    what about mac computers?

  71. Nano1232 on said:

    do u have to portforward to play with friends on steam

  72. obergog on said:

    if we buy the first one do we get v1.1 free(as an update) or do we have to pay for that too

  73. Jacky on said:

    Looks great~~
    Bought it on Steam last week
    The only problem I had with this game is the scores…
    Maybe cuz I played too much defense grid…
    this scoring system gives me headaches…
    and its not clear how to achieve high score.
    Its would ultimately damage your game…
    Without a clear scoring system… its hard to make this game competitive…
    since if I have no idea how the scoring works… I might just end up finishing the game and thats it…
    there would be no replayability.
    though I like the overall design of your game…
    I will not recommend it to my defense grid friends…

    • The new 1.1 update due out this week has a much clearer breakdown of scores at the end of the defense levels and a proper end game ladder for Skirmish and Mayhem games. Cheers 🙂

  74. Bobby Luig on said:

    Very impatient with Indievania for the verison 1.1 update.

  75. Logan on said:

    Please could you make this for the iPad 1, you would get so much more money it doesn’t matter if you just make it compatible for the iPad 1 but please could you do something about this I really want to play this game on my iPad 1.

    • It’s not about the money. The iPad1 is just not fast enough to run more than the basic few levels. Sorry. I am always looking at ways to improve performance, but how would you feel if you bought Cubemen for your iPad1 only to be told you can’t play 2/3 of the game? Not good hey?

      • Logan on said:

        Yes you are right about that but at least you get something I mean who has the money to go out and buy like a 500$ dollar iPad 2 to just get this game I mean with our economy going down it’s hard enough to get jobs to earn that kinda money if you know what I mean but it’s fine thank you for your time and I’m sorry I bothered you thank you.

        • ProFan on said:

          I bought that game on steam and It works on Laptop I bought for $110 in convertation (I’m russian).

  76. Speed on said:

    A mini version of the game could be on Android and you guys could replace the buy the game button with donate button (Free game).

  77. Gagarinnet on said:

    Love the game. Keep working on it and maybe it will be little more advance.
    Change music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Bobby Christopher on said:

    just make the map editor please…

  79. Aomanac17 on said:

    Mine crashed

  80. Sad guy on said:

    Why does it need a camera T—T I have first generation iPad this is rediculace why can’t it be for my iPad too.

  81. ProFan on said:

    Some arhivements need to be fixed: bonus freezer, bonus destroyer & bonus healer – I got them when I picked up summary 20 FR/DE/HE bonuses, but description says that there are 50 bonuses picked up, also there are twin archivements – pick up freezer/destroyer/etc that rly work if you summary pick up 50 bonuses.

  82. Dr.Scientist on said:

    Please have an update that allows for a co-op defense mode!!!!! I love the game so please keep up the good work!

  83. Red_head_22 on said:

    U DID AN AWESOME JOB:it is a fantastic game for all ages

  84. Ilan on said:

    I wish for a mode were you can just crush them, you set up your units first, unlimited cubes to buy your cubemen and then you send in the waves, it would be cool , thanks!

  85. Ilan on said:

    oh and I have spent 10 hours in one day so far, I finished every map in every mode and played 3 multiplayer mahems before wathching the Spain VS Italia match.

  86. Any chance of an Android release? My Galaxy S3 quad-core is itching to get some quality games such as Cubemen. 😀

  87. Frogpanda18 on said:

    Absolutely Spectacular game! it combines my favorite to types of games into one. I just bought this for me and my brother last night and we did a mayhem that lasted 58 waves. 22 of them were between the cpu and the rest were between me and him! Cant wait for the level editor and keep up the good work!

  88. Alfredogarciahernanz on said:

    I have installed the last update in IPad 2, and the application doesn’t work after the update. Are you aware of this problem ?

  89. Jackson0915 on said:

    i love the game by the pichures

  90. Jackson0915 on said:

    man its for steam too

  91. derp herp on said:

    Bought this thing on a whim, after i seen it was 2 bucks on the Steam shop. I have to admit. It’s really damn fun! 
    I hope that this game gets really popular really fast!

  92. Zoe J Hendrickse on said:

    I picked up this game via steam and have to say that I really like it. The only thing bad I have to say right now is, I think the fact the ability to play a ‘skirmish’ is only via a random person is a bit of a let down. Wish there was a way to challange/invite a steam friend to a skirmish game.

  93. should release on android market!

  94. seigemaster on said:

    they should add something like deployable machine guns or portals

  95. ProFan on said:

    +! The game is rly bugged but Seon did a nice work – NEW MAPS ARE PERFECT, but there are more multip. bugs – sometimes my cubemen just don’t attack enemies but I’m still winning and n00bs are still disconnecting when they have only one life left)

  96. DrPaperhead at Steam on said:

    Very very thanks for this wonderful game! I love it… This Game has what everybody wants: A friendly war  simulation with custumize armys and funny effekts! And all 3D!!!!!
    xD Its great fum to play it with Friends in a Party ^^
    <3 3Sprockets!!!

  97. Gagarinnet on said:

    Can you make zoomed victory cutscenes when lost/won? Would be nice to see “higlights” of the game like in fifa or madden 🙂
    Also, can you add diffrernt music/sounds for each mode/level?
    During couning points there should be esc key to skip it.
    Some nice tron alike backgrounds would be nice 🙂

    And here are suggestions for new cubeman characters:
    – miner
    – wall builder

    • Никита Честнов on said:

      I think there won’t your specs suggestions, also you can skip that “counting points” by pressing W or setted key. Cutscenes? dunno

  98. joegecko on said:

    win will the map editor be out

  99. Need a demo 🙂

  100. DarthMau5 on said:

    Well, I bought the game on steam, for my mac. “Could not find steam client” EVERY time I launch it. I figured it was something to do with overloading steam server with the summer sale. I waited two weeks, same deal. The fix for windows was to run the game with administrator permissions, but I am already running it as an administrator. Is it just me?

  101. Ansgarplacente on said:

    how do u start this game is there a play cubemen buttton

  102. Stephenarmand on said:

    i cant get it

  103. Stephenarmand on said:

    thares no way i can get this game

  104. Jordanjiun on said:

    Hey, I’m gonna download this game in 2 days time, is it really fun to play?

  105. Zsolt Kova'cs on said:

    Some ideas to make the unit placement become more of a matter, and add some optional twist to map-makers in the future.

    The obstaces:
    -Window-like blocks, which has the bottom and the top third, but can be shot trough the middle hole. This woud provide large cover. Trough Flint and Ricky may have some trouble shoting trough it… (To avoid theese close-mid range freaks have a huge defensive advantage, baancing out it a bit)-Low walls: Can be jumped over easily, not a big obstace to walking, but give a nice cover for your troops in tough firefights. Light cover is better than nothing, just watch out, mortar shells might be more devastating in such small place.The movement helper:-Ladders. Well, I couldn’t figure out how they would be done in the game engine, but they would allow our dear colorful boxhead soldiers to cimb more than 1 block, only in 1 side of a block, without needing to make stair-like structures in the future map-editor.And an idea for the map editor:HUGE maps will be a request very soon after map editor release I fear, and personally I would to make a huge warzone too.  Just to see some BIG battles 😀

  106. HI, would you recommend the iPad or the Mac version for the best possible experience with the game.

    • Никита Честнов on said:

      It is on AppStore already, as well as for mac on steam

      • I understand that. Was just checking which is the version that the creator of the game believes better brings the game to life. 

    • Gordon Freeman on said:

      i would reccomend the desktop version but it really depends on your desktop graphics and hardware.

  107. Greg S on said:

    Is there a User Guide anywhere?

  108. Justin Nguyen on said: